Don't forget to check out the shiny, ample kitchen that this tiny beauty has to offer

Tiny Treasure Homes is a family-owned operation out of Show Low, Arizona, run by president Greg Montoya along with his favorite carpenter and cousin Johnny Rippy. In addition, sales, design, and distribution are handled by an assorted cast that includes more family members.
Their website describes a company fully immersed in the tiny house movement with three models on display. They also offer tiny home construction options from kits to finished products to do-it-yourself projects. They even manage sales of a few must-have items in the tiny home community, such as trailers and composting toilets.
This house is called The Freedom, which is as central a concept as there is in the tiny house movement: The freedom to move about, live debt free and sidestep, if not ignore, the rat race if one chooses to do so. Let's check it out.
Tiny Treasure Homes boasts that The Freedom has an enormous sleeping loft and this photo of the back of the home shows why. The dormer-like adaptation at the back end of the home gives the loft plenty of headroom.
Here's a very telling photograph. It shows what you would see as you first walk into the home. But the aerial view from the sleeping loft shows you what looks like a beautiful table, although it is actually a cleverly extended (widened) kitchen counter.
Here's a shot showing the Art Deco couch, fashioned with an Egyptian motif, which was popular in the 1920s and 1930s.​
A long view taken from the kitchen, showing the open front door. In the foreground in the lower right you can see a corner of the home's combination washer/dryer.
This shot shows how widening the counter allows for its use as a table.
Here's a great shot of the stairs -- actual stairs with a banister. The photo also reveals the size of that terrific window.
Note the height of the ceiling. The use of wider plank creates a calmer room, compared to the relatively frenzied look of thin tongue-and-groove walls.
Another extremely clever addition here is the landing at the foot of the bed to the right of the stairs in this photo.
Back downstairs, this is the vanity in the bathroom.​
The shower and ...
this odd looking contraption. And how many toilets have a slide-out foot stool for toilet training? Very nice.
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