Come inside a tiny house with a surprisingly ample bedroom and an even more impressive bathroom

Canadian builders from a company called Lumbec—from the Quebec city of Gatineau—started this tiny how-to project with a 16-foot long prototype that was both boxy and handsome, in a kind of an out-building sort of way.
But the results were encouraging; so the company set out to build a longer version of their unnamed box. They came up with this well-thought-out tiny home that includes multitudes of storage space, a kitchen with a full-sized refrigerator, a shower with a bath, a large bedroom loft and, their website says modestly, "a normal size sink."
So, let's take a tour and see what you think of this 24-foot long tiny house. It may lack a name, but has everything else you might expect in the Lilliputian world of tiny houses.
Here's the view from the loft. It shows great spacing and a view of that hypnotic floor.
The sitting area includes a multi-purpose coffee table, a flat screen television, and a second loft overhead which amounts to a large storage shelf. There's also a generous number of windows and, on the right-hand wall, an odd device with a chrome pipe coming out of the top. That is an ingenious Dickinson wood stove, which will be featured below.
Here's the wood stove made by the Dickinson company. You can see it is fired up with very small wood blocks. It's hard to see in this photo but the stove does not sit on the floor; it's perched on a wall.
In the photo of the large room, if you know what you are looking for, you can spot this storage box that holds fuel for the wood stove.
This is the reverse view of the downstairs. The kitchen has generously sized cabinets with a countertop that has some depth to it. In contrast, the thin wooden table has a great out-of-the-way aspect to it. But you can also see that under the table and against the wall, there is a drop-leaf, meaning it can open up to seat a substantial gathering.
The kitchen cabinets have roll-out shelving.
This view shows the size of the refrigerator. It also shows the bathroom in the background.
This may not be a grown-up, stretch-out bathtub, but it's the perfect size for a toddler with a sailboat. ​
Three guesses. That's right, it's a banister. Maybe falling from the lower portion of the stairs is unlikely, but if you need to get a grip on something up here where the air thins out, then you have an ergonomic banister just where you need it.
Here's a look at the bedroom loft. It has a very rustic feel to it, but plenty of light and lots of space. This next shot from the opposite direction really gives you a sense of the size.​
The bedroom has room for a small closet. This shot also gives you a look at the recessed lights in the ceiling. They're small but numerous enough to light the whole room, and they offer an almost star-like quality with the roughly hewed ceiling for a background.
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